Preparing for your Child/Family Session

Choose clothing carefully. Long gone is the look of a whole family in khaki pants and white polos. I recommend a coordinated look while avoiding looking “matchy matchy.” Think similar, coordinating colors but with the same pop of color here and there. If you would like me to take a look at your outfit choices before the session, you’re welcomed to email me some photos!

Plan around nap time. While it is best to shoot a few hours before sunset or right after the sun rises for outdoor shoots, if you have a little one that will be unhappy at those times, please let me know. We want your children to be at their happiest. We can always choose a location with shady options so that we can shoot any time of day. For indoor sessions, we can shoot at any time of day.

Don’t be afraid of candid photos. While I do some posing during your session, a lot of it will be very natural interactive moments between you and your family. If your child is seeming uncooperative and not wanting to look at the camera, continue laughing and playing. Most of my favorite family shots are when everyone is laughing amongst each other.

Pack a little bag of necessities. I recommend bringing some type of little snack just in case your children need a break (non-messy snacks like goldfish or pretzels are great), a favorite toy and an outfit change just in case!

Preparing for your Maternity Session

When should I get my photos done? Choosing the right timeframe for your maternity photos is very important. We want you to look pregnant with a nice, round belly, but we don’t want you to be so pregnant that you are starting to feel uncomfortable. For this reason, I recommend getting your photos done between 32-36 weeks. Upon booking, I typically ask for a casual bump photo which will help me advise you when to schedule your session.

What should I wear? I have a variety of maternity dresses available for you to use during your session. These dresses are made especially for photography and will look great in your photos. If you would like to consider wearing a few dresses, let me know and I will send you a gallery of images so that you can choose from my collection. If you do not want to wear one of my dresses, I simply recommend wearing something that you feel beautiful in. A solid, form fitting dress always looks great. Just be weary of wearing scarves, cardigans or busy patterns. We want to accentuate your belly, not hide it! If you have questions about how to dress your family, please see instructions in our family prep section.

What should I bring? If you are planning on wearing some of my dresses or if you are interested in a few boudoir style photos during your session, bring a pair of black, white, & nude underwear and matching bras if you have them. Some clients choose to bring ultrasounds, shoes, or other special items for their session. You are welcomed to do that but don’t feel like you have to bring anything. This session is primarily to focus on you and your baby bump!

Questions? If you have any other questions before your session, please don’t hesitate to reach out! This session is going to be so much fun so come relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself!

Preparing for your Fresh48 Session

Do you photograph at all hospitals? Yes. I photograph at Virtua Voorhees and Virtua in Mt. Holly for no additional charge. Any other hospital will require an additional travel charge.

When should I let you know I’m in labor? Please make sure that you, your partner or a family member calls or texts me as soon as you are heading to the hospital in labor. After you deliver and things settle down, please contact me so that we can schedule a time within 48 hours for me to come to the hospital and photograph your new little one.

What should I wear? I prefer a very relaxed atmosphere for your Fresh48. This is meant to capture your very special time in the hospital so don’t feel like you have to get dressed up for this session. Most people wear comfortable sweats or hospital gowns. That is perfectly fine.

What should the baby wear? Your baby will be swaddled comfortably throughout most of the session. While some prefer the provided hospital blanket and hat, some people will bring a blanket and hat from home.

Will we do any posed or naked shots of my newborn? No. This is a lifestyle session- if you are looking for a posed session with lighting, outfits and props, I recommend my in-home or instudio newborn session.

Who is allowed to attend my session? Anyone is allowed to be present at your Fresh48 session. Siblings, parents, grandparents or other visitors are welcomed to be photographed with your newborn.

Preparing for your Newborn Session

Before Your Session. After you’ve filled out your questionnaire, please be sure to send any inspiration photos (3-5) to me in advance via email. I will have the studio set up for your session upon arrival so any ideas that you would like incorporated in your session should be discussed via email. We will do our best to do any poses or sets that you request!

The Day of your Session. Ideally, we want your baby to sleep throughout the entirety of the session. Obviously they may have their own agenda but there are several things we can do to make this happen: Do not give a full feeding for three hours before your shoot. Small spot feedings are okay to hold them over if you absolutely have to. During this time, do your best to keep the baby awake as much as possible. A good way to do this is to give them a bath, sing or interact with them or do tummy time. Plan to give them a full feeding just before you leave to get in the car so that by the time they arrive, they are asleep. If you live 40+ minutes away, please contact us for special feeding instructions. When dressing your baby the morning of the session, please dress them in an outfit that zips or buttons in the front. Please refrain from dressing your baby in an outfit that needs to be pulled over their head.

During the Session. Your baby’s session will last 1-3 hours depending on the package that you booked. Because your little one is used to the warmth of Mommy’s belly, our studio will be approximately 80 degrees so please wear light layers just in case you get warm.

Siblings. Siblings are welcomed to attend your newborn session. If you have a sibling under the age of three, please consider bringing an extra person to spend time with them during the session. We seek a quiet environment for our newborn sessions so having someone present that can take them for a walk to the park or out for ice cream at the Pop Shop when they are not being photographed could be helpful.

Family Photos – What to Wear. If desired, I have post partum gowns available for mom to wear. You can view all of these gowns under Pregnancy on my Pinterest page: TangibleLMPhoto. I also have dresses for girls under 7 if needed. Otherwise, plain, solid clothing will typically work best for family photos. If you would like to send me options for feedback, feel free to email me.

What Should I Bring? Additional feeding supplies (bottle, nipple cover, pumped milk), pacifier, wipes and diapers.

Preparing for your Cake Smash Session

When should I schedule? Cake smash sessions are generally booked no more than a month before your child’s actual birthday; however, it is important to think about what you plan on doing with the photos. Our turn around time is typically about three weeks so if you plan on using the photos for invitations, party displays or thank you notes, we will want to plan accordingly.

Outfits: While my studio is stocked with many props and accessories, you will need to bring outfits for the session. We will begin your baby’s session with a few regular portraits. Feel free to bring a separate outfit for this portion of the session. An optional family photo is also included in our cake smash package. If you have questions about how to dress your family, please see our family prep guide. For the actual cake smash, boys look great in blue jeans paired with suspenders or a tie. A pair of leggings, a onesie and a cute hat will also do the trick. For girls, ruffled bottoms, leggings, pearls and a romper are perfect. If you are in need of vendor recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The Cake: Giant cupcakes or small-tiered cakes photograph best. Remember, the baby will be smashing the cake into a thousand pieces. I recommend a simple yellow cake with butter cream or whipped cream frosting. Fondant is pretty but not easy to eat with your fingers. Red or brown cake/icing is not recommended. I love Whole Foods, Sweet Eats or Randolph’s for the cake. If you would like to order a cake and have it delivered directly to my studio (no additional charge) I recommend contacting Cakes on the Move (609.828.0333). They make gorgeous cakes without the hassle of transportation.

Themes & Colors: I love a good theme, but prefer to keep it minimal. For me as an artist, it is more important to focus on your baby rather than the decorations. Choosing colors for a cake smash can be tough. I suggest selecting colors (or a theme) that matches the nursery or their birthday party theme. I will provide decorations that coordinate with your requested theme. Please note that I do not include balloons but you are welcomed to bring them with you.

Before the Session: It is very possible that your baby will not like the taste or texture of the cake. I suggest buying your baby a little cupcake the week before to see how he or she reacts to playing in the icing and eating it. It will help them get used to the new food.

The Day Of: Don’t be alarmed if your baby doesn’t tear away at the frosting immediately. Some babies eat neatly while others dive right in. Some babies need a little assistance from mom or dad to figure out what to do. It is a process that should be exciting for both of you. Please be aware that not all babies enjoy smashing their cake and it is possible that your child will be unconsolable if they do not like it. For this reason, I do not re-shoot cake smashes. Just remember that it is part of your baby’s birthday story and one day you will laugh at their cake smash photos whether they are laughing or crying.

The Mess: Giving a cake to a baby surely makes a mess. My studio has a sink that you are welcomed to use. Either way, I recommend bringing wipes, a towel and a change of clothing for the whole family. If there is time, we will do a little splash session afterwards to get baby clean and get some bonus images depending on how the session goes.