After my very first maternity shoot I had inquired the photographer about newborn photos and as she didn’t do them, I was given Jena Raes’ name and info and it was truly God sent and total fate because from that moment on Jena Rae has been the one to capture all of the important moments of our growing family’s journey!

Jena Rae had just moved into her new location when I booked her for my first daughter Ryleighs’ newborn shoot, and when the time came, it was like magic watching her handle Ryleigh with such care and bringing to life a few ideas we had of our own with also letting Jena Rae use her creativeness and natural talent for the rest!  We couldn’t have been happier with the sneak peeks and final products! 

Since then we have used Jena Rae for Ryleighs cake smash, my second pregnancy’s maternity shoot, my second daughter Laycees’ newborn shoot, her cake smash; my third pregnancy maternity shoot, my thirds daughter Brynzis’ newborn shoot and will be using her obviously for her cake smash when the time comes!  

I always let Jena Rae take creative control of each shoot because she’s just that amazing and I trust her instincts and ideas! 

Jena Rae is simply wonderful, she’s friendly, kind, caring, accommodating, patient, professional, talented, a creative genius & a infant/toddler whisperer!  She’s everything and more one would look for and expect from a photographer to capture your family’s precious moments!  

We continue to look forward to letting Jena Rae who’s become more than just our photographer but more of a family friend capture our families special moments thru the years {God willing} and look forward to the day when we are able to look back on all of these special photos with our 3 daughters and they are able to carry these tangible little moments with them wherever their lives take them!