My father passed away when I was 4. I don’t have many photos of him, and even less of us together. I promised myself, that when I had a child, there would be photos—and boy have there been so many.

I have booked Tangible Little Moments for about 8 sessions so far and my child isn’t even 2 yet. Jena Rae is now more than a photographer– she is part of my family. My daughter loves her and no matter how difficult my toddler can be, Jena Rae is always patient and still manages to get the perfect shot. It doesn’t matter if it is a full family session, a cake smash or even a micro mini, Jena Rae has been able to capture her personality perfectly in her photographs.

When playing at home with my daughter, I find myself wishing Jena Rae was here to capture every moment. Time is never guaranteed. It flies by so fast and having these photographs to look back, on even just a few months after the fact, bring happy tears to my eyes.

When I started looking into photographers, I tried searching for all the wrong things. I looked at prices of packages, or how long sessions would be. I never realized how much more important the photographer was in the equation, but she is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Anyone can take a picture but Tangible Little Moments created photographs, memories and freezes time that you can pass down for generations.