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Megan + Anthony – Engagement

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Hi everyone!

I absolutely LOVE getting requests for engagement sessions. Not just because I enjoy them but because MY engagement session with my husband, Vince, was when I realized that I wanted to pursue photography as a career as opposed to a hobby. I searched long and hard for the right photographer because even though I wasn’t doing too much photography at the time, it was by far the most important thing to me other than Vince showing up the day of (seriously!). Thankfully, I found Julie & Brian from Pravada Photography and fell in love with them and their style instantly. Vince and I did our engagement session at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and I loved every second of it. I was very much in the moment with my future husband, but at the same time I was completely fixated on what Julie was doing. Without even realizing it, I was paying close attention to how she was posing us, using her camera, switching lenses.. etc. After we were finished and we got in the car, I turned to Vince and said, “Wouldn’t that be the most wonderful job? Taking photos every day for a living? I could do that.” It is such a fond memory for me because on that very day, I fell in love with the idea of becoming a photographer never realizing that it would actually become a reality.

Me and my husband Vince at our engagement session. Photo Credit: Pravada Photography


I was so excited when Megan contacted me for an engagement session with her new fiance, Anthony, at my favorite location…. Do you remember what that is? Any guesses?

At the sunflower patch! It is SUCH a romantic little spot for engagement photos so I’m always excited when a future bride is interested in shooting there. I met them at sunset on a Wednesday evening and they brought their adorable pup, Nutmeg. It was so effortless to get them to smile and connect with one another in a natural way… there is clearly so much love between them. Congratulations Anthony & Megan!!

Keep Smiling!
Jena Rae