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TLM’s Favorite Newborn Products

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Hello everyone!

Just a quick, fun little blog post for you this evening. As you know, I see tons and tons of mamas in my studio. I absolutely LOVE seeing all of the little gadgets and gizmos they bring in for their sweet newborn babies since I am always looking for convenient, new necessities for me to use in my studio/recommend to my mommas. So without further adieu… here are some must have items for new mommies and daddies:

1. If you’ve had a newborn session with me… you know that this item is my absolute (without a doubt) favorite newborn necessity. If you have yet to buy a baby shusher- what on earth are you waiting for?!?! I’ve used a ton of different noise makers… fan apps, heartbeats, waves, music… you name it.. if it makes a sound then I’ve used it during a newborn session. The baby shusher is the most effective noise maker that I’ve found as it works best for my newborns overall. I am going to start carrying this product in my studio very soon because nine times out of ten, parents order this amazing thing on amazon before leaving my studio. You can purchase your own baby shusher HERE

2. Sick of carrying an entire jar of powdered formula? This powder dispenser is amazing and allows you to pre-measure the servings! Super convenient. Why didn’t I think of this?! & it is only $6 on Amazon!

3. I absolutely LOVE everything from The Honest Company. Their Organic Nipple Cream seems to be the most widely used amongst the mamas that I work with and they cannot say enough positive things about it. The best part is that it is USDA Organic and you only need to use a teeny tiny bit so it doesn’t break the bank.

4. I LOVE Gripe Water! Before I rant and rave, this is a product that you should absolutely check with your pediatrician about before using. I’m certainly not a doctor, so I am solely speaking from experience and basing my opinions on what has worked for me in my studio with my mommas and their little babies. It is super tough when little ones are gassy and uncomfortable more often than not. Gripe Water is a great supplement for tummy aches, general discomfort and even hiccups! I especially love Wellements Baby because this product is USDA Certified Organic, free of chemical preservatives, free of gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol and artificial ingredients and it is pediatrician recommended! This stuff is magic! I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

5. Last but not least… my last favorite is a special treat for mom… and dad! I’ve heard a lot of my prenatal and post partum mamas say, “Don’t mind my ugly bra” or “UGH the only underwear that fit are granny panties!” You! Lingerie is an incredible company that manufactures stunning nursing bras that literally look like they came off of the shelves at Victoria’s Secret. They come in super sexy colors and styles but the best part is… they’re super comfortable and convenient for nursing your little one. Even if you’re not nursing, they are great while you’re still early in your postpartum recovery. New mommies deserve to feel beautiful!

Keep Smiling!
Jena Rae

5 Things You DON’T Know About Tangible Little Moments – Medford, NJ Newborn Photographer

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Has everyone been keeping warm during this snowy weekend? With the exception of my outdoor maternity session yesterday (You can see a sneak peek from beautiful Lauren’s snowy session HERE), I have spent a large part of my weekend snuggling indoors.

Today’s blog post is a different one… 5 Things You (most likely) Don’t Know About Tangible Little Moments Photography. Here we go!

5. Did you know… we provide wardrobe for our maternity clients? Currently, we have a collection of 15-20 dresses available to our maternity clients. Our dresses come in a range of sizes (0-26) and colors so that every mama can feel beautiful during her session! Want to check out our collection? 95% of our dresses are under the maternity board on our Pinterest Page.

4. Did you know… we have an amazing referral program? Every time you refer a client who books a session, you will receive a $20 voucher in the mail. Save them up and get a free session or use them one by one for discounted sessions and product!

3. Did you know… we have a studio that is fully stocked with tons of props and outfits for your newborn session? Most moms and dads think that they need to provide props, headbands, hats and outfits for their newborn session. Guess what?! We have a ridiculously large collection of props and items that you’re welcomed to use during your session. Looking for something specific? Ask us and we will let you know if it is something we already have in-studio! My husband often asks me if I ACTUALLY make money or if I just put it back into the prop industry… no comment.

2. Did you know… we were recently published in a magazine? We received the best Christmas present this year! On Christmas morning, we found out that we were published in TAoPaN Magazine which is a magazine for maternity and newborn photographers.

1. Did you know… we have two new portrait magazines of our own? For 2017, we are publishing two magazines that provide new and existing clients with pricing and general information about all of our sessions. They’re gorgeous!

Keep Smiling!

Jena Rae
Medford, NJ

Maternity, Newborn + Family Photographer



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Hello, hello everyone!

Life continues to be busy here at Tangible Little Moments Photography. I’m not sure what was happening nine months ago but there are babies, babies everywhere and I absolutely love it! It is so nice when the holidays are over because as much as I love shooting lots of families and spending time with my own, I really enjoy settling down and reflecting on the past year. So, here we are beginning 2017 and I have a pretty big announcement!

Every six months, I usually sit down and work on all of my marketing materials- sometimes I raise prices, sometimes I don’t… sometimes I add new packages, take some away, make tiny changes here and there. I am such a “creature of habit” in so many ways but I genuinely get sick of my website layout, pricing magazines, and business cards way too often. ANYWAY. So here I was changing around my Newborn Magazine and my wonderful husband, Vince, blurts out of nowhere… “What if you offered, like, a tranquility package for your postpartum moms?”


Introducing, exactly that… The Tranquility Package!! It is our newest, AMAZING package that allows mom to feel like she is at the spa for a few hours while her newest addition is getting photographed for the very first time. What does it include?

  • A 3 hour newborn session
  • Use of backdrops, props, outfits
  • Parent/Sibling inclusion if desired
  • 25 edited full resolution digital images
  • A 16×20 Premium Canvas Print


  • A 1 hour postpartum MASSAGE by our licensed, certified massage therapist
  • Brunch or lunch for the new mommy and daddy
  • A beverage or two of your choice (hot coffee… tea… a glass of wine- if you’re feeling extra relaxed!)

Doesn’t that sound incredible?! I am especially excited about this package because I have teamed up with the incredible Donna Favilla from Perinatal Health, LLC to make this package happen. She is truly talented in her craft and helps prenatal and postpartum mamas feel better everyday.

As of right now, we are offering this package at an introductory rate- it is the perfect baby shower gift for expecting mommas, a great “push present” from daddy to mommy, or just a great option for mama to treat herself! If you have any questions about this package, please reach out to me via email!

More information:

2017 Tangible Little Moments Newborn Magazine

Keep Smiling!
Jena Rae

Merry Everything, Happy Always

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Hi Everyone!

It is “Christmas Eve Eve” for my family and me which means lots and lots of cooking, gift wrapping and even a bit of last minute holiday shopping. I sent out my last holiday gallery this morning and I am reflecting on a beautiful holiday season in my studio. This year we did 50+ families for Christmas photos alone on top of many other maternity, newborn and birthday sessions. As this holiday season is coming to a close you would think I would be relieved but no.. I’m just thinking about what holiday sessions I will be offering next year!

Keep a look out for Santa Sessions at TLM in 2017. I can’t wait!

Keep Smiling and enjoy the holidays with your beautiful families.

Jena Rae
Medford, NJ Maternity, Newborn + Family Photograph

‘Tis the Season at Tangible Little Moments! Medford, NJ Maternity, Newborn + Family Photographer

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Hello everyone!

Things have been beautifully busy at Tangible Little Moments Photography! I have been loving every second of the holiday season. I haven’t been blogging much because I am working hard to get all of my holiday galleries out so that you all can order your beautiful holiday cards and gifts. With that being said, I HAD to quickly take a second to share this gorgeous video that my assistant, Aubrey, made last week of a handsome little newborn boy named Jacob. He was my first little newborn to do a Christmas setup so we were really excited to catch some of it on film along with the beautiful images that we captured for mom.

Keep Smiling!

Jena Rae

Our Tangible Little Moments’ family is growing… again!!

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Hi everyone!

When I initially started this blog, I really wanted to update way more often than I do but I have been so wonderfully busy with babies and loving every second of it! I am so excited to reach out today and introduce our newest face at Tangible Little Moments.

If you have ever had a newborn session with me before I’m sure I have asked you for assistance during a session.. “Would you mind just handing me that over there?” Or “I’m so sorry for putting you to work during your newborn’s session but…” Enter… Aubrey!

Aubrey is a client, fellow photographer, new mommy to a beautiful baby girl named Austin and my newest in-studio newborn assistant. I first met Aubrey when she reached out to me about her maternity, fresh48 and newborn session (ask me about our Bump to Baby package!). I instantly connected with Aubrey because of her sweet demeanor, attention to detail, and love for her unborn daughter. When Aubrey approached me about working in my studio, I knew she would be great for the job! Aubrey will be assisting me with (most of) my newborn sessions. She is a gentle and kind extra set of hands that will allow me to keep your newborn safe (without having to request the help of mom and dad) and your session running smoothly. Please give Aubrey a warm welcomed to my company- I am so happy to have her on board!

As always, you are welcomed to contact me at jenarae@tangiblelittlemomentsphotography.com or my administrative assistant Kayla at kayla@tangiblelittlemomentsphotography.com to schedule a session.

Keep smiling!
Jena Rae

Nicki + John’s Maternity Session

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My husband and I are both business owners so, naturally, our lives are pretty much centered around work. Not in a bad way- we both just love what we do so much that when we’re not actually working, we’re talking about work. As usual, I came home from a Nicki and John’s maternity session talking (bragging) about what an amazing couple they were and how much fun we had. When I showed him a few of their photos he realized that he actually knew them- the world is so small!

Nicki and John were so sweet and easy going at their session. Nicki wore (rocked) several of my maternity dresses and looked completely stunning in each one. John was an amazing dress-throwing assistant to the point where I may need to hire him in the future! Aside from their sweet interactions with each other, there were two big things that made me realize that they were an extra special couple:

1. They brought a special photo in remembrance of their family dog. I am always so drawn to people who treat their animals like children. Most of my clients have seen photos of my puppy Cooper. He is SO spoiled so if you are a fellow dog parent, you’re good in my book.

2. If you are a female and have done any type of session with me, you know that I am a hair dresser 60% of your session and a photographer during the other 40% of the session. I shouted to Nicki from about 10 feet away, “Just tuck your hair behind your ear a bit.” And with no prompting at all, John reached up and gently tucked her hair behind her ear. My heart just melted away.

Congratulations, Nicki and John! It was such a pleasure working with both of you! I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby Lucy Ariel in a few short weeks!

From Bump to Baby

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Hello everyone!

My Bump to Baby package is easily my most popular package for expecting mamas. It offers a well rounded experience in order to capture ever aspect of your baby’s arrival into the world. It includes maternity, fresh48 (hospital photos), and newborn babies all wrapped up in one neat little package. From a photographers stand point, I love this package because I get to spend a lot of time with the mommy and daddy to be before their newborn session. By the time we get to that point, we have already communicated often, worked together for several hours, and bonded over their expected little one. I always miss my Bump to Baby clients when their package is complete because they become more like a friend than a client- after all, I was apart of their very special journey so I am always sad to see them go.

When Aubrey contacted me, I knew we would work very well together. She had a lot of great ideas that fit my usual style and she is a photographer too! We did her maternity session in Cape May (my goodness, that was a hike but it was SO worth it). We had a terrific sunset and Aubrey rocked a few of her own outfits along with a few of my maternity dresses. A few weeks later, beautiful Austin entered the world at a surprising nine pounds. She was the most beautiful little bundle of joy and mommy and daddy were smitten with happiness in the hospital. It was such a pleasure capturing their excitement during Austin’s second day of life.

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing her newborn session. She was a sleepy little angel and was perfect throughout her session. Her grandma was so helpful during the session which is never expected but always appreciated. Aubrey really wanted a princess carriage so my wonderful friend Jamie from Jamie Meile Photography was kind enough to lend me her gorgeous carriage for Austin’s session. It requires a few extra hands so I was thankful to have Austin’s grandma there to help me keep her safe and secure in this adorable prop. Welcome to the world beautiful baby girl, Austin!

Keep Smiling!
Jena Rae